What can one do after the course ?

Post completion of the program, students gain a firm foundation recommended for any good teacher. They can start working as an intern or full-time at any yoga studio or can commence their classes.

What are accommodation facilities ?

Students will be provided with clean and hygienic accommodation at our ashram during their stay. Single and double rooms are provided on a shared basis.

What is the number of students ?

There are fixed and limited allotments of seats for students to maintain peace and personal attention for all.

Can families be tagged along ?

A check for availability will be made after members provide prior information about families traveling along.

Is flexibility an issue ?

The flexibility of our mind is vital, each individual has challenges that need ailing, and hence being clear from the mind is enough to achieve the impossible.

I don’t have any prior experience, am I competent ?

Yoga never needs any experience or prior education. The course teaches students about foundational concepts and skills. A true inspiration and interest are necessary along with regularity in practice.

Any age limits for this course ?

There are no age bars as long as people have the inspiration and drive to learn and yield diversified results.

English is not my primary language, can I follow the program ?

The course is taught in Basic English, if a person understands and reads an English newspaper efficiently he/she wouldn’t have an issue.

Any reading materials before commencing the course ?

There are no mandatory reading materials, there are suggested lists that are given to students only after they understand the topics and concepts in the course to understand them better when reading from the books.

Can I opt for prenatal training ?

Yoga is open to all but with proper safety, pregnant women should not push themselves too far and must follow every command of the prenatal yoga instructor.

Should there be any props ?

A yoga mat, meditation cushion, and a blanket will be needed.

How will I be certified ?

Post completion of the final exams and the course, the certification shall be forwarded on the last day.

I don’t want to be a yoga teacher, shall I still do this course ?

Many students sign up to broaden their sole perspectives rather than to make a career out of it. They do this to widen their foundational knowledge and wisdom and deepen their spiritual connection.

What yoga style shall be taught ?

Students will learn the original yoga style “Classic Hatha Yoga”.

What do the final exams feature ?

A simple theory and practical teaching exam will be held and the teachers shall prepare students for both scenarios. Over 99% of students pass with flying colours.

Can students contact teachers post completion of the course ?

At Rishikul Yogshala teachers provide lifetime support to students for getting in touch whenever they wish to.

How can students register as an RYT with Yoga Alliance post completion of the course ?

For getting registered as a yoga teacher with the yoga alliance, members can go to the official website and follow the process to pay off their membership fees. Members after payment will be asked to upload a copy of the certificate issued to us. Once the application is finished we will receive the notification for verifying your application after which registration is complete.

What about registration deadlines ?

Booking is recommended as there are no deadlines as such but courses get filled pretty fast which reduces the chance of getting a vacancy.

Is there a refund policy ?

At Rishikul Yogshala there is a cheaper and non-refundable fee structure for refunds.

Are invoices available for accounts ?

Yes, students receive their invoices post payment, if you have a company the cost shall be borne by them.

Any allowance for instalment payments ?

Instalment payments are possible, a prior communication with our reception of administrative office is recommended before finalizing the decision.