Gangesha Chaitanya

Meditation, Inspirational & Spiritual Guide

Gangesha, our esteemed yoga teacher, is a true expert in the field of yoga philosophy. From a young age, he was introduced to the world of spirituality and embarked on a transformative journey that would shape his life's purpose. Guided by the teachings of the renowned saint Swami Rama, Gangesha has dedicated his life to uplifting humanity through the practice and teachings of yoga.

With his deep understanding of yoga philosophy, he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his students. His commitment to sharing these teachings goes beyond just physical postures; he delves into the spiritual aspects of yoga, helping individuals connect with their inner selves and find balance in all aspects of life.

He's experienced and certified E-RYT with a deep understanding of the ancient practice of yoga. With extensive experience in the field, he has successfully conducted classes at various renowned schools across the globe.

Known for his ability to bring newness and variety to his classes, Gangesha is a master of meditation, Kundalini yoga, and pranayama. His expertise in these areas allows him to guide students on a transformative journey towards physical and mental well-being.

Notably, Gangesha's dedication to his craft led him to be recognized by a Naga Guru. This recognition further solidifies his credibility as a knowledgeable and respected figure in the world of yoga. Join Gangesha on this incredible journey towards self-discovery and holistic wellness. Experience the profound benefits that yoga can bring to your life under the guidance of an esteemed teacher like him.

Kaushal Kunwor

Hatha Yoga, Hatha-Vinyasa Flow

Our exceptional yoga teacher, Kaushal Kunwor, who specializes in Hatha Yoga and the demanding Hatha-Vinyasa style. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he brings a unique blend of traditional and contemporary practices to his classes.

Kaushal has not only mastered the art of Hatha Yoga but has also embarked on a remarkable journey across Bali, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He seamlessly combines the physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation to create a holistic experience for his students.

His attention to detail ensures that each posture is executed with precision, allowing students to deepen their practice and achieve optimal alignment. Kaushal brings not only his expertise but also an open-mindedness that stems from his worldly encounters. He understands that each individual's journey is unique and tailors his teachings accordingly.

Not stopping there, Kaushal also excels in the challenging Hatha-Vinyasa style. This dynamic fusion combines the fluidity of Vinyasa flow with the alignment principles of Hatha Yoga. With his keen eye for detail and emphasis on breath-to-movement synchronization, Kaushal creates a transformative experience for practitioners at any level.

Buckle up for an enriching yoga journey led by Kaushal Kunwor as he shares his passion for Hatha Yoga and the invigorating Hatha-Vinyasa style. Experience the transformative power of these practices under the guidance of an exceptional teacher who truly embodies the essence of yoga.


Spiritual Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Philosophy

Sabari's story is unique as he holds an MBA degree and had a successful career in the corporate world. However, he felt there was something missing in his life - a deeper connection with himself and others. This realization led him to make the life-altering decision of leaving his profession behind and dedicating himself to the path of greatness through spirituality. He specialized in Spiritual Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Philosophy, With a deep understanding of the ancient traditions and practices, he is committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga with others.

Sabari's journey has taken him to many sacred places known as Shaktipeets, where he has immersed himself in the teachings and energies of these powerful sites. His connection to the lineage of Shaktipat Parampara is evident in his teachings, as he brings forth the ancient wisdom passed down through generations.

One of Sabari's most transformative experiences was studying under the renowned Guru from Ujjain, Swami Nardanand Paramahamsa. Under his guidance, Sabari delved even deeper into the realms of spirituality and gained profound insights into the yogic path.

Through his extensive training and experience, Sabari has developed a unique teaching style that combines traditional practices with modern approaches. He creates a nurturing and supportive environment for his students to explore their own spiritual journeys while cultivating positivity, strength, and inner peace.

Prashant Negi

Ashtanga Yoga

Our yoga teacher, Prashanth Negi, is a highly motivated and dedicated individual with advanced training in yoga and a specialization in Ashtanga Yoga principles. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Prashanth is passionate about inspiring others to improve their overall wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals.

Prashanth's expertise in Ashtanga Yoga allows him to guide students through a dynamic practice that focuses on synchronizing breath with movement. This traditional form of yoga not only helps build strength, flexibility, and balance but also cultivates mindfulness.

Prashanth's teaching style emphasizes proper alignment and encourages students to explore their own potential on the mat. He creates a safe and supportive environment where individuals of all levels can feel comfortable pushing their boundaries and discovering the transformative power of yoga. As a skilled practitioner himself, Prashanth understands the unique challenges that individuals may face on their yoga journey. His compassionate approach combined with his extensive knowledge allows him to tailor his classes to meet the specific needs of each student.

Prashanth's guidance will help you deepen your understanding of Ashtanga Yoga principles while providing a supportive environment for personal growth. Join Prashanth on this transformative journey towards improved wellness and discover the incredible benefits that Ashtanga Yoga has to offer.

Chaitra Jawali

Yoga Therapist

we are proud to have Chaitra Jawali as our esteemed yoga therapist. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she brings a unique blend of traditional yoga teachings and expertise in teacher training courses.

Chaitra Jawali holds a post-graduation diploma in yoga from the prestigious S-Vyasa Yoga University in Bangalore. Her dedication to the practice of yoga is evident through her continuous pursuit of learning and expanding her skills.

What sets Chaitra apart is her specialization as a mental health yoga therapist. She understands the profound connection between the mind and body, utilizing specific techniques to promote holistic well-being. Her approach combines ancient yogic principles with modern therapeutic methods, providing individuals with tools to manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Recognized for her exceptional abilities, Chaitra has been serving as a senior yoga therapist since November 2016. Her expertise extends beyond individual therapy sessions; she also conducts teacher training courses where she imparts her deep understanding of yoga philosophy and techniques to aspiring instructors. When you choose Chaitra as your yoga therapist, you can expect personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are seeking physical healing or emotional balance, she will create a safe and nurturing environment for your growth on the mat.

Saam John Chandy

Meditation & Astro Vastu

Yogi Saam John Chandy, possesses a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, which has greatly influenced his approach to teaching yoga. Beyond his professional background, Saam's passion for travel, culture, and adventure has shaped his unique perspective on life and wellness. With a positive attitude that radiates through every aspect of his being, Saam embodies the qualities that make him an exceptional yogic teacher. Addtionally, Saam brings a unique specialization in Astro Vastu to our community.

Astro Vastu is an ancient practice focuses on creating harmony and balance in living spaces by aligning them with the cosmic energies. By incorporating this specialized knowledge into his teachings, Saam offers a truly transformative experience for his students.

Saam's popularity as a yoga instructor stems from his ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life. His understanding of different cultures and backgrounds allows him to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for students to explore their practice. Saam is truly deserving of recognition as one of the best yogic teachers in the field.

Having traveled extensively around the world, Saam has had the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. He firmly believes in the power of mindfulness and its ability to transform lives. Through his workshops, lectures, and training sessions, Saam creates an engaging environment where individuals can learn not only about yoga but also about themselves.

Lalit Godiyal

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga Anatomy & Props

Our Yoga Instructor, Lalit Godiyal is a highly skilled and experienced yoga master specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. With years of dedicated practice and teaching, he has honed his skills to perfection, making him an ideal mentor for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

One of Lalit's unique strengths lies in his deep understanding of yoga anatomy. He believes that a thorough knowledge of the human body is essential for practicing yoga safely and effectively. Through his teachings, he helps students develop proper alignment and avoid injuries during their practice.

In addition to his expertise in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and yoga anatomy, Lalit is well-versed in the use of yoga props. He understands how props can enhance one's practice by providing support or intensifying certain poses. Whether it's using blocks, straps, or bolsters, Lalit guides students on how to incorporate these tools into their practice for optimal results.

Lalit's teaching methodology emphasizes not only physical strength but also mental clarity and spiritual growth. His classes are designed to challenge students while fostering a vibrant environment where they can explore their limits with confidence.