Blissful Stories

Daria, Russia – 200HR Student

There's no greater feeling than when your body and soul come together in perfect unison. I took my yoga teacher training in Goa and it was a transformative experience unlike any other! It felt so empowering to learn from the best and develop my practice. Highly recommend!

Maurice, Belgium – 200HR Student

Taking the 200HR YTTC at Rishikul Yogshala was an experience of a lifetime! From the majestic beaches, to the vibrant culture, and of course, to the expert teachings on yoga and meditation. My journey has been one of self-discovery and growth--both within myself and with my fellow yogis. I am proud of my accomplishment and ready to take on the next challenge that comes my way!

Swati, India – 300HR Student

My teacher training course in Goa at Rishikul Yogshala was one of the most rewarding and empowering experiences I've ever had. Grateful for all that I've learned, and pumped to share these new skills with my students.

Kelly, USA – 200HR Student

Finding my inner yogi with this yoga teacher training course in Goa has been life-altering! I can’t believe what I've achieved and how much I have grown in this amazing experience. Time to bring it all back home and channel my inner zen!