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"You can observe a lot just by watching"

Are you interested in finding peace and self-transforming in this busy Modern Lifestyle?

Everyday shuttling for career, profession, balancing family responsibility, socializing or professional betterment naturally land us to health hazardous’ gunpoint.

Such a hectic lifestyle brings some unwanted guests in our lives commonly recognized as hypertension, diabetes, thyroid, stress & depression.

Insufficient sleep, late working hours, over-the-counter medicines, overconsumption of harmful drugs and alcohol, less quality time, and relaxation push health to the back seat, and self -wellbeing faces unparalleled challenges.

Real-life balance can be achieved by setting one’s priorities. There is no magic mantra to strike a perfect life. Rather than investing only in money people should invest in health and secure life insurance through self-transformation and peace.

It is better to start to work out than to become attested with a chair and run around sacs of medicines.

Do not let your tension, anxiety, and stake consume you. Try some very simple, primitive, cost-free, result-oriented & subtle methods with no negative side effects.

  • Eliminate your bottled-up stress and crowding worries through the pipeline of prayer and meditation. They act as the pivotal force behind opening the mystical forces of life and reaching tranquillity. Meditation helps you to balance overloaded anxiety, sets you free to think and prioritize your short goals, extend tolerance, makes an impactful presence, energize your body and mind, lets your mind function smooth and swift, reduces acidic thoughts, and helps you recover blood pressure, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep disorder and many more. Meditation is that umbrella that provides shade from all toxic elements of the modern lifestyle and protects and strengthens your body and mind. Among multiple components of meditation, Yoga happens to be the timeless and the most traditional method of spiritual elevation and robust living.
  • Light your lamp through Yoga and have the rein of body, breath, and mind in your control. Yoga is the path of self-transformation, and its regular attainment connects us with our deepest inner beings, and gives you a crystal view of life and its meaning! Practicing yoga is a never ending process. At the initial level, it is practiced to achieve relief from physical complications by changing food habits, food intake, and ample sleep, controlled exercising, and breathing practices. Moving on quietly you learn various relaxation techniques, breathing control, stress management, and better health ground.
  • Yoga leads to pure rejuvenation and you see a better version of yourself. Make yoga a part and parcel of your life & you see how you touch the cord of harmony with ease, be it your personal life, professional life, social life, or financial crisis. Things you achieve from yoga are also endless and joy radiating that glorifies the quest for peace and serenity.
  • Find things you enjoy and slow down at times. Life is meant to be simplified to reach satisfaction. Making a proper schedule, and spending quality time with self is very necessary to reshape one’s life in today’s scenario. Allow you to get involved with nature, be it a garden, orchard, park, or just a kitchen garden welcoming life forms to dwell freely and ooze positive energy to reflect and reconnect.
  • Focus on your senses, walk and meditate. While doing a nature walk merge yourself in the sight, sound, and smell around you, and slow down to acknowledge even the smallest of small blessings of nature. This is an effective method to connect nature with self.
  • Be with yourself and look for a calm place to have some ‘Me time’. Chanting a prayer or any specific mantra (vary for different religion) create a mental vibration that alerts your deeper level of awareness. These are the subtle power words, indistinct and abstract till you connect the source from where the vibration arises. Repetition of mantras fills you with hard core pleasure, enables you to release past guilt and malice, keep a healthy mind free from judgments, and enables you to respond. Desperate souls also turn up to transcendental meditation but finding a real guru is another challenge.
  • Self-transformation has become a real need in modern society because of the escalating stress and pressure. Gazing meditation evokes concentration and visualization in the mind. Even in a closed eyes situation one can see the unseen and draw the sequences in mind. It enhances your memory power and advanced vision.
  • Sound meditation through calming ambient music and sound wave help you develop a better hearing ability, attain peace and hear the ultimate sound of body and mind.

Consumerism culture is encroaching silently and devouring simplicity and peaceful life. The run for ‘everything’ has made people live in the future, run from the past, and ignore the present. One should thrive for success for the right reason. Prioritizing your needs and keeping a slow pace will never chew up the pleasure of your presence.

The modern lifestyle can be best enjoyed if you maintain harmony between your body and mind. Live in ‘THIS’ moment and not for ‘EVERYTHING’ is to be understood. The best way to attain mental peace is through self-transformation.

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